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First-time divorce: Is it okay to ask your lawyer many questions?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2024 | Family Law

Here is a little-known piece of information. Most divorce representatives appreciate questions from their clients, especially in a first divorce situation.

There are at least two big reasons. First, your questions help them evaluate your priorities, concerns and depth of legal knowledge. Second, finding accurate answers can improve the outcome of your divorce — a top priority for family law representatives.

So yes, it is more than okay to ask questions, and here are a few to consider if it is your first trip through divorce proceedings.

Will I get a fair share of marital property?

Since your property settlement can impact your post-divorce life substantially, it is wise to make it an early priority. Michigan is an equitable distribution state, meaning courts get to determine what constitutes marital property and how to divide it fairly.

Most judges do not approve grossly unjust settlements, but further legal guidance can ensure your share is fair.

Could I lose my parenting rights?

That is an (extremely) unlikely outcome. Modern family law courts understand that children need regular contact with both parents, even in challenging circumstances. Michigan has fair child custody and parenting time laws, but you could still face custody obstacles.

A well-prepared case can help you meet any challenges or threats your co-parent may raise.

What if I can’t survive without support?

Although alimony is often a controversial topic, spouses in need can still obtain support in Michigan. Courts typically award alimony when a spouse can show they anticipate hardships in supporting themselves after a divorce.

Alimony matters are complicated, but presenting solid evidence that proves your need can make a difference.

These are just three examples to motivate and inspire you and remember, to a legal representative, there are no pointless questions. After all, the more family law clients know, the better their counsel can serve them, whether it is their first or fifth divorce.