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What to do when faced with domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2024 | Criminal Defense

A domestic violence charge is a serious matter with severe consequences. But what happens if you face charges for a crime you know you did not commit? Before anything else, do not panic. Understanding the charges against you is crucial to planning your next steps.

What constitutes domestic violence in Michigan?

In Michigan, domestic violence involves an act or threat of violence against a person with whom you have a close relationship. This can include a spouse, an ex-spouse, someone you are dating or have dated, a person with whom you share a child, or a current or former household member.

Depending on how severe the offense is, a domestic violence charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. It may also depend on your previous convictions (if there are any). Simple assault entails minor injuries or threats, whereas aggravated assault involves substantial bodily harm or the use of a weapon.

Taking legal action

A domestic violence charge alone can damage your reputation and limit your professional and educational opportunities. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Do not contact the alleged victim: Avoid contacting the victim, as this can lead to additional charges or complicate your case.
  • Collect evidence: Gather evidence that may support your defense, such as text messages, emails, photos or witness statements.
  • Follow court orders: Adhere to any protective orders or conditions set by the court, including restraining orders or bail conditions. Make sure to attend all scheduled court dates.
  • Maintain a low profile: Avoid discussing your case on social media or with anyone other than your legal counsel.
  • Document everything: Record all conversations and events involving the case, including dates, times and descriptions.

An accusation this serious requires immediate action. Aside from the steps above, you may seek help from a legal professional to guide you through the legal process and build a strong defense.